Jacks Speedy Seeker

Jacks Speedy Seeker is an eight year old Registered AQHA Buckskin Gelding.  This big and stout guy has that cowboy look and color. Dappled Buckskin with deep black points. He is broad through the chest in hip, made like a Quarter Horse should be. Simply a standout wherever you take him.

"Tuck" already has a lot of miles and seasoning. He is well broke to drive, see video below. He has also logged many miles on the trails. He is not afraid to go anywhere that you point him. Ask and he is eager to comply. Hills, mud, water, no problem. Go out alone, no worries. Not spooky, likes the adventure. He is a forward horse that travels out, eager to please.

Tuck on the obstacles (10).Movie_SnapshotA.jpg

Tuck is enrolled in my Ultimate Trail Horse Training Program.  He exhibits all the qualities that I consider a Must for my Level 4 horses.  He already has a great handle with a nice one handed neckrein, rollback and spin.

He will continue to work on refining his aids and body control with an emphasis on a solid foundation of softness through the body and the mind.  He is also frequenting the trails solo and in small groups. He will continue to be exposed to as many varied environments as possible.  Trips down the road, to other arenas and different trailheads are in his future.   

Tuck can be reserved now and his price will include lessons for his lucky new owner.  $15,000

Screenshot_2019-01-12 Jacks Speedy Seeker Quarter Horse.png