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Welcome to Horse of Your Dreams, where we are dedicated to matching the right horse with the right new family

My name is Jennifer Hudson Brothers.  My husband Davy and I own and operate Horse of Your Dreams.  We train and sell Ultimate Trail Horses.

I have been a horse trainer for over 25+ years.  I have had the pleasure of showing and training all breeds to numerous championships.  I am proud of my amazing students that have become great horsemen and women over the years.

As time has gone on, I have found most of my clients are over 40, and not interested in showing anymore.  They want a well-trained pleasure mount that they can trust on the trail and enjoy in the ring when desired.  

Our mission is to produce such a horse.  We have found a big void in this market.  It is easy to find a well-trained show and arena horse but if you take that horse out on the trails he is a mess.  He is nervous, spooky, and not at all comfortable away from his secure arena.  On the other end of the spectrum, a seasoned trail horse is at home in the woods but try to do some arena work, and you both end up frustrated.  He has does not have any collection, he dives in and drops his shoulder, fades toward the gate, tosses his head when you use your reins and lacks overall cadence in his gaits.   

What if you could have the best of both worlds?

Davy Brothers has been a trail rider all of his life.  He is at home in the woods on the back of a horse.  He loves to take the path less wandered.  Often times, hacking out a new trail with the machete.  Even on a training ride, he likes to be gone all day if possible.  He likes to cover the miles and add to the seasoning.  Davy does not get excited when a horse makes a mistake, instead, he continues along until the horse finds the way.  His calm demeanor passes on to the horse, building confidence.  He is a seasoned camper and has spent many a week at the parks in KY, TN and, IL.  He has attended some of the great organized rides and seen it all.  He often takes horses over and through things that many riders would never consider.  The horse learns to go where he is pointed and to trust his rider.  Not one to enjoy going in endless circles, he much prefers the trails and the countryside.  Saddle up and ride.  He is also the one who gives the foals their education with leading, picking up their feet and trailering.  Davy really enjoys helping the little ones learn and grow.  


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I personally like to do the finish work on the horses.  I really enjoy showing one how to be soft and supple.  I believe in a solid foundation of bit acceptance, being able to move a horse off your leg and easily move all four quadrants.  On the trail, I am picky.  I want the horse to cross each obstacle quietly.  No rushing at the beginning and especially no rushing at the end.  I am not much fun on training rides, as I will often repeat an obstacle until the horse is completely relaxed about it.  Many people have remarked on my patience and persistence.  I am gifted with a good sense of feel and timing, which allows me to communicate easily with the horse.  

I enjoy teaching a horse how to safely negotiate an obstacle on our home training course.  Each one has a unique challenge that develops trust and a stronger partnership. 

I offer lessons with each of my Ultimate Trail Horses.  This enables the transition to go smoothly and helps a rider understand the horse's aids and training.  I am big on teaching safety first, with a proper riding foundation of using your seat and your legs instead of going straight to the bit.  I stress the importance of trust and leadership and love to teach groundwork to establish that partnership. 

If you are interested in adding a horse to your family, give us a call 270-597-9956, or email at horseofyourdreams@yahoo.com 

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