Completely satisfied with the services, attention to detail and courtesy of Jennifer. Her on line descriptions of the skill levels, size, behavior, demeanor, up to and including whether the horses were soft-mouthed and likely to be good with kids were 100% accurate. We visited her in Bowling Green to personally look at and try out the horses before buying, including a trail ride. We are thrilled with the gaited horse we purchased and will likely purchase another one. We trust Jennifer enough that next time, we won't fly to KY to see the horse, we will just have her ship. Fantastic find for us. - Toni Williams in Utah

Bought two of the best horses that I have ever owned and I have had horses for 55 years!
— Terry Wykel in South Carolina

I had been looking for a good trail horse to replace my aging one, and I found one here. So I took off to Kentucky from North Carolina to check out this horse that I thought could never compare to my older horse, but I was pleasantly surprised. I not only found my perfect trail companion "Tucker", but I came back and bought 2 more horses later. I have not been disappointed in any of the three. I get asked all the time if they are for sale and the answer is always "NO!" Jennifer and Davy do a wonderful job with these horses and they tell you just as it is. Pros and cons. They are honest and really try to fit the horse to the rider. Thank you for my 3 great rides! - Joy McRoy in North Carolina

CoraVette puts a smile on our faces every day!

My wife and I bought CoraVette DH, 2014 Half Arabian Buckskin Filly from "Horse of Your Dreams". We both fell instantly in love with this horse. When CoraVette reached her training age we returned her back to "Horse of Your Dreams". Jennifer and Davy were so dedicated making sure that CoraVette was properly trained for our riding style, making sure she passed all of the training stages, and most of all “released her to us when she was ready and safe to ride”. We have nothing but enjoyable rides with her and can even lead our daughter on her who is “Autistic”. Jennifer even gave us a private lesson going through all of the training exercises that CoraVette was taught. Jennifer & Davy, Thank you so much!!! CoraVette puts a smile on our faces every day and has made a world of difference to our family! We will always contact you for any of our future horse training and purchase needs! - Karen & Rodney Robbins in New Jersey

Jennifer and Davy are known for their well trained horses and for making it a priority to fit the right horse to the right person. The beauty of the equines offered at "Horse of Your Dreams" cannot be matched, anywhere. I love my beautiful palomino, purchased from Jen, and I tell everyone , looking for a new best friend, to check out this website.� - Joan Masich in Pennsylvania  

Jennifer is the best. She knows her horses and is honest. She does her best to match horse and rider and I like her training. The fact that her horses are pretty is just icing on the cake. I would buy another one from her with no hesitation.
— Donna Surles Lindsay in Texas

Jennifer and Davy are great to work with. I bought Joey (AkA Yusep) from them in 2011. Last year we needed another horse so of course we looked on the Horse of Your Dreams website. I found two horses that appeared to be suitable. I called Jennifer and talked to her about the two horses and she in turn had me call Davy as well. We actually bought "Mister" sight unseen ....only pictures and videos. We just love the two horses we purchased from them!
Jennifer and Davy have such great better be quick....they sell them fast! - Ruth Wood in Michigan

I can't thank you enough for providing me with my dream horse, Criso. He is everything I was looking for, Western dressage and an awesome trail mount, he is fearless. I had been speaking with Jen and Davy for many months, and she match me with the perfect horse. I can't say enough about how well she match me with my new horse, she cares about where these horses go and who gets them!!! I highly recommend them if looking for your dream horse. Trail pictures to be sent soon - Tracy Cormier in Connecticut  

I have known Jennifer since 2012. She has trained three of my horses through her Ultimate Trail Horse Program and provided us with lessons. She is an amazing trainer and has the ability to the the best out of each horse that she works. Jennifer has an amazing talent for matching the right horse to the right home as well. She is honest, patient, professional and truly cares about her clients and horses.
— Melissa in Kentucky

I was first introduced to "Horse of Your Dreams" by a friend who had bought a wonderful arab mare. I have experience both sides of "Horse of Your Dreams" because I not only bought a horse through them, I sold one too. I found a great QH that was everything Jennifer said he was. Jennifer is very approachable and willing to show you any horse she believes would be suitable - she is very honest about traits of each of the horses. She also has some challenging trails with varying terrains for the buyer to try the horse on (some are way steeper than they look on the videos). Being able to offer that riding experience really gives the potential purchaser a good feel for the horse they are looking at. I had a wonderful horse that I wished to sell and decided to send him to Jennifer at Horse of Your Dreams . This whole program of selling my horse was excellent. Firstly, he found a wonderful home (very important to me), secondly, I did not have to go through all the emotions of selling my horse in person and it was completely stress free (Jennifer takes care of everything but still keeps you in the loop) and thirdly I received a good price for him - which of course was the icing on the cake. The whole experience of selling a horse through Horse of Your Dreams was worth every penny because it was a stress free experience for me and the horse received a wonderful home. As I said to Jennifer in a message "You are a good horse seller!" - Thank you for the service you provide - Debbie Benham in Indiana

Jennifer and Davy are true horse people. Their eye for great horses with soundness of the mind, body and soul is unmatched in the market. The best part is their uncanny ability to match the right horse with the right owner. I was looking at the wrong matches, and they helped me find the Horse of my Dreams.
— Lynne Driscoll in Indiana

I met Jennifer in 2012 when I bought my Paso Fino gelding from her. She described him honestly to me, was very responsive to all my questions and facilitated a successful series of introductory meetings over a three-day time frame. Nevado was somewhat of a rescue for her and had only been with her six months, but she knew him well (skills, faults and training in-progress). He was and still is very sensitive, very willing to please, very forward and has great trail skills. Jennifer's evaluation was right-on, and I was very satisfied with the purchase experience. I respect Jennifer and her horse assessment. She will work with you to find the best match, and I absolutely would trust her to find and/or train another horse for me. Nevado and I compete in Limited Distance endurance riding, and he earned the PFHA High Point Endurance award in 2015; has over 500 competition miles to his record. I'd say we're a pretty good match! - Lynda Zimmerman in Minnesota  

Jenny and Davy are class acts. Jenny did a great job working with my mare. She had a solid foundation, built without fear, and remembered what she learned for all the time I had her. I was also very happy working with them in selling my mare. They do a great job of matching the right horse with the right buyer, not just trying to "sell" a horse. I would work with them again anytime! And in fact, plan to do so in a few years when the kids are off to college and I am ready for another horse! - Kathy Whitmore in Illinois  

I have known Jennifer since 2003 and cannot think of anyone other than her or her hubby to buy, train or sell a horse of any breed. I have found 5 wonderful Arabians through her. I’d simply tell her what I was looking for and she would find me the perfect match, at a price in my range. Each was better that I expected. Their honesty and knowledge surpass anyone that I could think of.
— Katie Bevans in Alabama

Jenny and Davy and Horse of Your Dreams are the BEST!. They put their time and expertise into the horses they sell and it shows! I purchased a horse from them and I am selling a horse through them so have been involved with both sides. You can have confidence they are selling your horse to the best possible home and you are buying a horse that is what they say it is. Rugar.....need I say more. He is my forever horse. Jenny said he was something special and he is. Thanks so much!!! - Kim Ryder in Tennessee

Can't say enough good things about Jennifer. She is an excellent trainer. Very honest in her presentation of the horses she sells and a great riding instructor. I have purchased a horse from her, sold one through her program and had another one in training with her. All have been very positive experiences. She knows how to really read both the horse and rider to get them up to their potential. She makes sure of the best fit between horse and rider - Theresa Stephens Bremer in Illinois

If you're in the market for a good horse, look no further! We have bought two from them in the past and bred one of my mares to one of their stallions, and all the horses have been exemplary and are showing tremendous in the show ring. Whether you're a beginner or experienced, they'll pair you with the right horse.

-Amber Morris in Kentucky

I highly recommend Jennifer and Davy. I purchased a half Arab filly from them. The work that they put into there babies from the minute they are born is remarkable. She trailers like a dream, clips, picks up feet, doesn't spook easily. I have seen this time and time again from the foals that come from their farm. I like Jennifer's training methods so well that now that it is time for my girl to be broke we took my baby 3.5 hours away from home back to Horse of Your Dreams (Jennifer) to be trained. I can do this because I know she is in great hands. They are very honest and upfront and want to match you up with the correct horse. Thank you Jennifer and Davy for my sweet Susie!!! - Dawn Tencott in Indiana

We have an incredible partnership that is continually growing.

I did get the horse of my dreams! I contacted Horse Of Your Dreams. Jennifer and Davy did a outstanding job of asking the appropriate questions of me, so that they would know exactly what breed I was looking for, age of horse I was wanting and my experience level with horses. What style of riding I participated in, they also answered all questions I had of their training program and their facility. After a few conversations, I flew from my home state of Washington to Nashville to meet Jennifer, Davy and a horse named Brisco. It became apparent very quickly they have an extreme passion for all the horses and people who they bring together. They nailed it, Brisco is perfect for me and I think he thinks I’m perfect for him . We have an incredible partnership that is continually growing. I strongly urge anyone who is looking for people who are honest ,trustworthy in helping find them the perfect horse partner to get a hold of you will be incredibly happy! Rita in Spokane, Washington