Old Timer Saddles, custom made by eli miller

Old Timer 7.jpg

The Old Timer Saddles are a favorite of ours and many others.  In the time honored cowboy tradition, they are built on an A fork Tree with the half moon shaped pommel and feature a deep seat with a high cantle.  They have that western look and style but are still lightweight {26 lb) and easy to handle .  You have your front and back rigging and can also do a centerfire rigging if desired.  There are plenty of rings and dees for all of your saddlebags, breast collars and such.  The trees are custom made by Batie Custom Tree Company.  They feature his trademark flared bars that offer more room in the shoulder than traditional trees. We really like using these tree as our horses perform so much better.

The options are endless with this model.  You can choose the suspended tree or the western regular tree with the option of a padded or slick seat  You can choose your conchos, tooling, add bucking rolls and remove the horn.  Want to add some style?  You can put inlays in the leather to add your unique look.  Want even more bling?  You can add rhinestones, colored conchos and exotic skins.  Check out some of the photos of the options available.  *Remember, these options are available on most of the Custom Eli Miller Saddles upon a custom order. 

We use our Old Timer daily in our training program.  I need a good saddle that would fit everything from gaited horses, to stock breeds to anything in between.  I chose the Old Timer for the looks, security of the seat, light weight and wanted the suspended seat for  my comfort.  I loaded photos below.  It has the rawhide trim.